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Korg USA / Blackstar Offices Los Angeles

Korg USA CenterStaging Studios Van Nuys

Woke this fine sunny morning with an invite to Korg USA / Blackstar to try out some of their newest amp heads and combos. Loren Molinare is the head of Korg USA some of you might remember him in the LA rock band Little Caesar from the late 80’s

So off me and Felix went to meet Loren at Centerstage Studios for some headbanging sessions trying out the new Blackstar combos and heads all very fucking cool I must say. Loren warned me about the paper thin walls as we cranked it to 11 lol the neighbors didn’t mind which was very understanding. I’m looking forward to working with Blackstar in the future go check them out.

Blackstar Amplification

Korg USA


About CenterStaging

CenterStaging is LA’s premier rehearsal and backline facility specializing in production and tech support for television and live performances. Known for our state-of-the-art rehearsal studios, extensive range of musical instruments, and industry veteran technicians, CenterStaging’s backline gear is used on practically every major television show, as well as numerous tours, concerts, and live events. Now open in New York, we are proud to build upon our prestigious clients base that includes the GRAMMY Awards, Academy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, The Voice, and many more. CenterStaging is here to provide the greatest musicians and television productions in the world today with a facility and service that is unparalleled to any other in the industry.


Loren Molinare Korg USA / Blackstar

Ripping it with Blackstar

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